My name is Sauda Welch and I am the owner and operator of Inner G Wellness & Counseling. I am a licensed mental health therapist in Maryland, Reiki master, and holistic wellness coach. As a therapist I specialize in depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions. 

As a coach, I help black women who feel emotionally and spiritually drained find mental clarity. I do this by teaching them how to strengthen their intuition through mindfulness so that they can stay grounded when stressful situations happen, define and follow through on goals, and understand and balance empathic tendencies.

 I offer a wide range of services including mental health therapy, wellness coaching programs, reiki healing, and workshops.

 What do I do?

 Coming from a strength based perspective, I believe everyone already has the tools they need for healing. With me, clients learn to identify, confront, and develop all aspects of themselves that cause distress and find the motivation to make long lasting changes. Throughout the process, I provide my clients with a relaxed and safe environment to work through fear, guilt, shame, and other negative influences that block their Inner G!

Why do I do it?

 If we all had a mission for our time on Earth, I KNOW my calling is to educate. Maybe not in a traditional sense, but I have always had a passion for helping others, especially women, succeed and find their happiness. I like to motivate other and help them change their mindset and idea of who they are and what they are capable of.

 How do I do It?

I use many tools in various roles to help integrate and align mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of client's lives.

Therapy: The majority of my therapy clients seek solution focused brief therapy which can resolve issues in as little as 90 minutes. Others, who deal with severe mental health disorders and other are more long term and focus on resolving issues from the past.

Coaching: Coaching is provided either individually or in a group setting. Coaching programs are highly directed and are result based. These proven programs are aimed at gaining mindfulness skills to gain emotional balance, (The Mindful Goddess Program, The Goddess Attunement Workshop) and identifying values to set and accomplish goals. (The Motivated Goddess Program). 

Reiki: Most of my clients come for chakra understanding, balancing and healing. New clients complete an initial total body energy scan & balance and return on a regular basis to resolve any deep seated imbalances or blocks. 

Some of the interventions that I find helpful in the process are, meditation, journaling, and insight and skill building activities between sessions. My style is very versatile and I am able to adapt to each client's unique needs.

If any of the below statements apply to you, book you free discovery call so we can work through it together.

  • I sometimes feel lonely, even when surrounded by people.
  • I am sad much of the time and don’t have interest in anything.
  • My sleeping and eating habits are not normal.
  • I feel my emotions too much or I don’t feel my emotions at all.
  • I am very nervous when I am around others, even in places where I go frequently. 
  • I worry about death and dying even when I am medically well.
  • I am experiencing something new in my life and I don’t know how to cope. 
  • I get angry easily and it is hard for me to say how I feel.
  • I have experienced terrible things that have changed who I think I am. 
  • I want to understand my spiritual side but I don’t know where to start.