Mental health therapy goes by many names such as counseling, psychotherapy, or talk therapy. No matter what you call it, therapy is a way to help people with a wide variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties.
In addition to eliminating or controlling troubling symptoms, mental health therapy can increase well-being and healing.

Several problems can be addressed through therapy including:

  • Difficulties in coping with everyday life.
  • Managing the impact of trauma, grief, or specific mental disorders, like depression or anxiety.
  • Processing sudden life changes (ex. chronic or acute medical illness, divorce, or infidelity).
  • Understand grief due to expected or unexpected loss of a loved one.

Therapy is highly individualized and depending on your style of understanding and needs different tools are used.

Some therapeutic tools I use include: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (explores the connection between thoughts emotions and behavior).
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (helps with interpersonal, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance skills).
  • Cognitive process therapy (for trauma and anger management).
  • Solution focused brief therapy (for those who feel they can benefit from short-term therapy usually 6 to 8 sessions).
  • Interpersonal therapy (focuses  on improving relationships and express emotions in healthy ways).

Mental Health therapy is only provided to Maryland residents. To get started, schedule your free 15 minute Discovery Call today.